Terms of Services

Terms of Services


According to the Terms of services, Hyperlinq Technology (will be going to be called Agency in this terms of service agreement) grants limited rights, non-transferable, and non-exclusive to access and use the only display of the website. You are strictly prohibited to attempt any interruption to the website in any way.

Changes (In terms and condition)

Agency has the full right as sole discretion to make changes to its Terms and Conditions at any time to any of its parts or whole. This will come in working when changed policies are posted. On your regular use of the website, it has been considered that you accept changed posted terms. We can discontinue any of the features of the website at any time. 

Once you agree to work with an Agency, you also agree to the following terms and conditions.

User content

  • Agency will require you to upload, post, submit the content, images, reviews via Emails, website, and a document that can be viewable by others. 
  • You acknowledge and agree that all User Content you submit. 
  • The submitted content contradicts our policy and we may ask you to reveal your identity. You agree to submit User Content without violating any third-party rights.
  • Further, you acknowledge that we have full rights to delete, edit, move or reject User Content for any reason or no reason at sole discretion. 

Ownership and Intellectual Property

You will be the owner of all the content you submit. Agency can have access to all contents other than User Content. It is the Client’s responsibility to provide their own copyright content, logo, trademark, images, designs. Agency will not be responsible if any provided information is found to be duplicate. 

Brand Authorization:

  • Subject to terms and conditions, if you are listed with any well-known organization or brand or working on behalf then you need to submit a concern letter written by that organization or brand. 
  • This will reference as a legal document that the particular brand has accepted all terms and policies of Hyperlinq and the person on behalf of the company is only responsible for any loss of any data. 
  • The invoice will be raised with the company’s name. 
  • If the person is found listed later and with no written information then we can take legal actions towards both the person as well as the company.

SEO Projects

  • The SEO deliveries will be based on proposals.
  • There will be no 100% guarantee to any search ranking but the Agency will carry all activities to increase your brand’s online visibility.
  • The ranking on search pages will be changed accordingly as Google changes its algorithm and new websites and competitors submitting links continuously. 
  • The SEO process takes at least 3 months to show some significant effect. During this time the client site will be analyzed and optimized. 
  • To achieve stable high rankings it would take 6-12 months.

You agree to give access to our Agency for the following

  • You will grant the authority to submit the website pages to search engines and directories for promotions.
  • Our Agency can optimize the structure and content of your website pages. These changes will have a minimal visual impact.
  • The client must provide log-on information (username and password) to gain FTP access to the website. 
  • Agency will maintain the confidentiality of log-in information.
  • You must inform your team members or webmaster team that the Agency is performing SEO Services on the website.
  • It will be the clients’ responsibility to ensure that the website is active and accessible.
  • The reports will be shared on a monthly basis.

The client is strictly prohibited to do these actives

  • You are not supposed to hire any other SEO Agency in the same period for the same work while Hyperlinq Technology is working on your project.
  • Create any duplicate site or duplicate content pages that redirect the website page.
  • Don’t use any other tactics to up the website rank on search pages.

If performing any of the above activities then the Agency will not be responsible for better search results or if your website gets blocked. 

Hyperlinq Technology will not be responsible for any problems, errors, or additional costs arising by the third party.

Social Media Projects

  • The project will be processed as per the guidelines provided by the Client in the proposal.
  • You agree to share your social media platform credentials with the Agency to log on to your accounts.
  • The provided accounts must be authorized. It should be the client’s responsibility to check the copyright of the logo, images, and content provided by the client.
  • The client agrees that the Agency can promote its business or brand out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to all other social media platforms.
  • The client agrees to provide all necessary information to the Agency related to the website, like Logo, content, images within the 3 days from the project’s start. 
  • Before posting any information the draft will be sent to the client. It is your responsibility to check. If in any condition you are not able to reply to us, it will affect the project activities. This Agency will not be responsible for any delay and for revised deadlines.
  • The client agrees that social media can reject any adverts for any issue. In this case, the Agency is not responsible for any third-party rejection or extra charges if made.

Website Development Projects

  • During the project briefing, it’s the client’s responsibility to provide proper guidelines about the specific need you want. 
  • If not provided we will proceed according to our understanding in which quota can vary. At a later stage, if changes are made as per your wish there will be extra charges.
  • Once the proposal got finalized, additional functionality or enhancements are made will affect the proposal and additional charges incur with a revised delivery date.
  • Website content should be provided in the first 2 weeks of website development. It will be the client’s responsibility to deliver things on time. If you are unable to do so it affects the delivery date.  
  • In case, we need to write the content for the website will require full information about your business and its services or products. Also, the client should check the content and images used by us.
  • Agency will not be responsible for any Third-Party Software, products, or components used in website development. We suggest clients take regular backups to avoid any disruption. 
  • Hosting and domain charges are not mentioned in the proposal.

PPC projects

  • The provided content, images, logos, design by the client should not be copyrighted.
  • You agree not to promote any prohibited content directly or indirectly.
  • Ad media network guidelines will be followed.
  • Agency will not be responsible for any third-party rejection of ads.
  • If the third party charges additional money, you can not blame the Agency for paying for it.

Hosting Service

Domain and hosting

  • Domain and hosting are not managed by our agency, if there is a need to manage things we will only take care of the file transfer and some basic configuration related to the website functionality, we are not responsible to update, backup or perform any other server related task outside of the website maintenance scope.
  • If domains got expired, it can result in service disruption and loss of domain.
  • For domain names, registration and renewal need to be paid in advance.
  • It’s the client’s responsibility to renew the domain and hosting on time to avoid any data loss.

Prohibited Activities

In using Agency service you agree to not assist following things nor you will encourage others to do the following

  • You are not supposed to update any fake, false, or inaccurate information on our company’s profile, review, or comment.
  • To utilize or copy information or any content or data obtain from Agency will be considered as the competition
  • You can not collect any personal information, or any other data or copy, download, and use the information without taking permission from us. 
  • You are prohibited to use any kind of automated software or manual work, or any device, script robot or any other means to access “scrape,” “crawl” “spider,” or index any web page of Agency or its any part of the services.

No competitor’s name will be allowed on the Hyperlinq profile, reviewing neither any competitor’s product. This can become the interest of conflict.

Payment Terms

  • The invoice will be raised on a monthly basis. The mode of payment will be an online transfer or by check.  
  • All dues need to be clear within 7 days of the invoice date.
  • There will be an extra charge for other activities not mentioned in our subscription package or in a sent mail. 
  • Failure to any payment even after 7 days may result in the cancellation of the subscription.
  • After delivering our commitments if you refused to answer our message, call or emails then we can raise the dispute without any prior information.


  • Agency reserves the right to terminate the plan at any time with 15 days prior notice. In this case, the client needs to clear due within 7 days to the date of termination. 
  • If the client wants to terminate the ongoing plan he also needs to give 15 days prior notice in writing. The client needs to clear due to the date of terminations within 7 days. 
  • If the Agency needs to clear any advance due it will be cleared within 7 days. 

Service help

  • For any queries please write an email to us on info[at]hyperlinq.in