Here are some helpful tips for discovering new Facebook groups

Need help find Facebook groups that matches your interests? These tips will help you find Facebook groups and become part of a community in no time.

Facebook is not just for interacting with people you know, it’s also for connecting with people who share many interests. In addition to “friends of friends,” joining a Group is a great way to meet like-minded people.

However, finding these groups on Facebook to join can be a bit challenging. Facebook doesn’t have a simple directory for browsing through all groups, so you’ll have to rely on recommendations for Groups to join or learn a few tips to discover new groups.

Learn how to discover new groups, including how to locate Facebook groups by location…

Discover local Facebook groups using the Facebook search feature

Using Facebook search, you can find groups for any topic you want. Click “Groups” in the left-hand panel’s list of filters once you’ve seen the results.

You can find almost anything on Facebook, but you must know how to use it correctly. You need to know the Facebook “filters” and “keywords” just like Google has keywords and search tricks.

You can talk to Facebook Search in the same way you normally do use natural language processing. If you select “Groups joined by colleagues from Ponds,” you will see all the Groups that Ponds staff has joined, whereas if you select “Groups joined by people from my country,” you will see the Groups that your local friends and family have joined. Using this trick, you can find Facebook Groups based on their location.

You can search using the following phrases:

Groups joined by

  • Friends
  • Family
  • From my city
  • From my school
  • From my current workplace
  • Older than [number]
  • Younger than [number]
  • Who like [something]


You can mix and match these to achieve a variety of results. Consider searching for “Groups joined by my friends over 40 who enjoy pizza hut.” It’s all about your imagination!

Browse Facebook’s Recommendations

You already know a lot about yourself on Facebook, whether you like it or not! Even though this lack of privacy can be troubling, it can be useful when looking for new groups. Facebook recommends Groups based on all the information it has about you.

Group Image

Take a look at the recommendations on Facebook‘s “Discover” feature for Groups. Various topics (like humor, sports, technology, and so on) are divided into Friends’ Groups, Suggested for You, and Popular Near You.

Ask in Other Communities


People with similar interests don’t just hang out in find Facebook Groups.

There is a subreddit for almost every topic you can think of on Reddit, for instance. You can almost always find people to talk to, no matter how niche your interests are. Asking for recommendations on where to discuss other topics on these subreddits is a great way to learn about other forums.

Telegram and Discord have also become popular hangouts in recent years. Again, it’s worth asking to see if they know about any active Facebook Groups that are worth joining.

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Create Your Group

Facebook groups are a great way to discover like-minded people and share your interests with them. There are so many different types of new Facebook groups, each catering to different interests. For example, you can join a Facebook group to learn about the latest news in your area of interest or join one specific to your favorite band or movie.

If you cannot find an active Facebook group in your area of interest, then you should consider making a new one. After all, there might be hundreds of people out there who wish there was a group on a particular subject and who have been waiting for someone to stand up and take responsibility.

Once you have performed the basic setup steps, you can start promoting it on other sites, among your like-minded friends, and even on Facebook itself. You should be able to rack up a good number of subscribers quickly.

The key to success is knowing what kind of content will keep people interested in your group. For example, if you want to create a group for people who like to hike in the forest, then you’ll want to share photos and videos of nature that are related to hiking.


If you’re aiming for something more specific then try branching out into other categories such as music or movies. If you’re not sure where to start then take a look at our article about how to find Facebook groups for free.


Join a Facebook Groups or a Facebook Page?

Facebook Groups are a great way to build your following, but you need to be aware of the differences between Pages and Groups. If you want to start a group on Facebook but aren’t sure whether you should create a group or a page, here’s some information that can help.

The main difference is in their purpose. Groups are for discussion with a community, while pages are more suitable for a single business or organization. A group can be created by anyone; all members must approve it before it goes live. If you want people to join your group, you’ll need to invite them one by one using the message function of their Messenger app (or Facebook if they don’t have an Android device).

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